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Active Backup for business with VMware Esxi

  • On you Synology DSxxx+ open Package Center, find (in all packages) Active Backup For Business and install it

  • Open installed package and activate it.
  • Switch to VMhost console and prepare virtual machines for backup
  • Right click on virtual machine you want to backup and choose Edit Settings

  • In new window click VM Options, Advanced (scroll down) and under Configuration parameters click on Edit Configuration
  • Here you have to add key ctkEnabled with value TRUE and for each of your virtual disks key scsi0:0.ctkEnabled (for disk 0:o) with value TRUE, key scsi0:1.ctkEnabled (for disk 0:1) with key TRUE and so on for all your disks

  • Go back to ABB window on your Synology NAS and choose VMware Vsphere and click on Manage Hypervisor - click Add
  • Enter your VMhost name or IP address together with credentials with enough rights for backup and restore [you can try with root but be sure to change it after the setup is done]
  • If everything is as it should be you will get a confirmation that Connection of each hyperwisor is fine now. You will also get a list of virtual machines registered on your VMhost.
  • Click on create task
  • Mark VM you want to backup, give your task a name and click Next
  • Select shared folder for backup [Next]
  • Configure Backup Destination Settings [Next]
  • Task Settings [Next]
  • Check the services on virtual machine will give you a confirmation if everything is good so far [NEXT]
  • Schedule Backup Task as you like [Next]
  • Select retention policy [Next]
  • Configure Restoration Privilege - chose users that will be able to make restore
  • Task Summary [Done]
  • Make your first backup….
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