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HP Elitebook and ProBook Password unlock

  1. Download file and extract it to folder
  2. Insert clean USB flash drive.
  3. Run the USB Image tool.
  4. Choose the flash drive then click on RESTORE. (restores boot image file with all the utilities to stick)
  5. After restore remove flash drive.


  1. Download file and extract it to bootable USB stick


  1. Insert flash drive into locked laptop and boot. (If HDD is installed remove before booting.)
  2. At C:\OUTPUT type CD.. “Then hit enter
  3. Type HPBR “Then hit enter
  4. Select #3 re-program. (to save your settings)
  5. Press “S” to save system information.
  6. Type HPBR and hit enter.
  7. If your model is not listed select “SHOTGUN.”
  8. Reboot
  9. After reboot repeat the procedure (without 3. 4. and 5.) and select “SHOTGUN” a second time.

The BIOS should be unlocked now.

This has been tried on following HP models:

ProBook EliteBook ProBook “SHOTGUN” EliteBook “SHOTGUN” DID NOT WORK
2230s 2530p 6560b 2540p 4630s
2740p 2560p 6445b 8740w 6720s
4310s 2730p 6565b 8440w 2710p
4510s 6930p 6540b 8460w 4320t
6455b 8460p 6465b
6460b 8530w 4420s
6535b 8540w 6450b
6550b 8440p 4520s
6730b 8530p 4415s
6735b 8560p

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